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Topic: Curtains/bargining/earth quake.

Part 1: Curtains
So in my sister's room, where the computer is, she has her bed which she uses as her chair for the computer. And the window is next to her bed. And her curtains are on the wall, above the window. But these nifty little curtains are too nifty to slide between her bed and the wall, so they just rest on the top of her bed. Me, being the genius I am, jumped onto her bed, landing on the curtains and tearing the screws holding up the curtain rod straight out of the wall. This, naturally, caused the curtain rod to fall, which naturally fell on me. It didn't hurt much.

Part 2: The Bargin
After leaving the curtains and rod on the floor next to her bed till she got home, only because I'm lazy, I decided to try and fix the darned thing. Well, in the midst of trying to find the lost screws on the ground, I found lots of goodies that my sister had dropped off her computer table, including: a necklace, some beaded thing (she said they were prayer beads), a single earring, a picture, a dollar, 3 quarters and 2 pennies. So, I decided to try and bargin the crap for gas money. Even though I stole all of her stuff, and sold it back to her, I got a hefty $17! Helllllla! And the other part of the deal was to go go fix the curtains. Realizing that the holes where the screws used to be were stripped, and that we had no more screws anywhere, I decided I'd just stick the screws back in the holes and hang it back up. It would be fine if nobody else knocked it down. Right? Sure.

Part 3: The Earthquake
So I'm sleeping nice and sound, when I kind of half conciously wake up because I was shaking a bit on the couch. Not thinking really anything about it, and completely oblivious to the fact that it's an earthquake, I start to fall back into my nice comfy sweet forbidden fruit that is sleep. Within seconds, I reawake to my sister running out into the livingroom yelling "Dara! Dara! Are you OK?!?" "Uhhhh, yeahhhh..." "We just had an earthquake! It was really big!" "Oh. Ok. What time is it?" "Like 2ish." "Uh, ok" and I roll over and go back to sleep ending our conversation. The next morning, she tells me that she had thought it was a really big earthquake because it knocked the curtains off the wall, falling on to her and waking her right up.

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