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Is Daft Punk playing in YOUR house?

Well, me neither, but LCD Soundsystem is! Whoot whoot!


1 day (till Jenny Erickson comes and visits.
6 days left of work/the big boss is taking the lab crew out to lunch.
6 days till (supposibly) my laptop will come in the mail. Only a year behind most of my college-bounded friends.
7 days till a possible trip to Bellingham? We'll see....
12 days till I leave for San Diego.
14 days till I board my big blue boat.
16 days till we depart from Ensenada, Mexico to our first stop in Hawaii.
120 days till I will be back in Washington.

On that note, goodbye LiveJournal.
You have been good to me.
Thank you for letting me rant/complain about anything and everything.
Thank you for letting me tell all my funny stories so my friends don't have to hear them 787 squillion times. Sorry that plan didn't really work.
I hope you miss me.

Loves forever and always,
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