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why hello wide world! i've missed you!
"wha'ts with dara?" you ask... and here you are, some thoughts straight outta the shooter:
"i think i need to change my lil ole icon, the PWNED thing isn't really funny any more..."
"i could live off tuna fish, cherries, oatmeal, bread and carrot sticks for the rest of my life."
"i need an adventure. i need to travel."
"ive been doing lots of thinking lately, and i tend to scare myself when i think. i over-think things, over analyze things that could probably just be left alone. boo."
"in the last two days, i've realized really why i am going to college and why i didn't drop out and become a farm hand picking cherries. thank you education."
"i really hate being ignored. it's just pathetic, really."
"i think i might buy a bike real soon."
"is it sad i've only talked to my mother for 5 minutes in the past 2 months, and she only called to get my sister's phone number? typical."

that's enough for now. i could go on for ages, believe it or not.
so here's some questions for YOU, whoever might read this!
how have you been? what have you been up to? if your right hand was a stamp, what would it say? what do you call a blind deer? what's tomatos? what is a good book to read? are you doing anything exciting for the fourth? do you even like fireworks? what's your favorite band/artist/group at the moment?
i would like to know.
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