Dara! (verruckt_one) wrote,

After 16 long, hard days, the world is slowly starting to turn again. Let me stress slowly. Like dial-up internet slow. Like the line at the DMV slow. Like the movement of tectonic plates slow. Slow.
Today's the first day I've eaten without feeling like puking, which is a major improvement. But the feeling of being Incredible Hulk punched in the stomach every five seconds is still there.
I decided that the usual greeting "how are you doing today?" is the most annoying pointless routine ever. Damn near nobody actually cares how the hell you are doing. I've gotten used to responding with a "mphrblgh" or a "well, ya know..." and keeping it very ambiguous, instead of a "you have no idea".
And as much as I believed myself to be strong, that I could deal with anything, that I was ready for it all, I never imagined how wrong I could be.
And even still, reality hasn't found it's way into my life just yet.
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