Dara! (verruckt_one) wrote,

Out of pure desperation to NOT write a short, 2 page paper that was due on Monday, I find myself browsing the ol' LJ. Man, I used to find myself hilarious. Well, I still do, but I think now I actually am. Sometimes.

School is ridiculous. Who needs it anyways? But I did declare the other day, which I found much more exciting than I'm sure it actually was. Another thing I found much more exiting than it probably was: buying a niiiice Victoria's Secret bra yesterday. I feel like I'm moving up in society. And the step from Target to Victoria's is a good sized jump.

Know what is horrifying? Ugly babies. My feelings were reassured today with today's Natalie Dee comic.

Check it out. Hilarious.

I swear, if I ever have a baby, and it's ugly, I will so sell it to the gypsies. Or I'll just trade it in for a better one.

Ok, back to writing about the cause of the rifting of Pangea at the end of the Triassic period, and about how old scientists theories were wrong, which is usually the case. Whooo! SO FUN.
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