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So here it is Christmas "Winter" Break and I have nothing to do. It's glorious. But that's a lie, I have found things for myself to do, such as: clean my disaster of a room, shower, eat, walk to REI to return my too-small jacket, walk to the bank in hopes to not overdraft my account, catch up on my Netflix list, go check my friends mail, burn mix cds for everyone for Christmas, and so on... How many of these things have I accomplished today? I ate a bowl of Fruit Loops. That's it. Because I'm a fucking CHAMP at procrastination.

And yesterday was quite possibly the best day in months of so-so days. Here is how it went:
-I woke up snuggled next to a BOY. Yeah. I know.... Kind of a big deal. And not JUST a boy, a realllllly adorable Polish boy that I have kinda half been crushing on for like a month. And he just broke up with his girlfriend (who, by the way, I saw a picture of. And let me just say, he made an upgrade just breaking up with her, she is not very cute. I'm such a bitch. But I can't help that I'm so much hotter than like 72% of everyone, especially hotter than people I don't like. Or know). My roommates were like "holy shit, did you guys make out?!?! Are you going to date him?? You guys are adorable!! You should make babies!" Um, first babies = horrifying. I've begun to develop a fear of babies, they are a little terrifying. No babies. For a long long long time. Second, I think I need like 5 more seconds of being single time before I jump into anything. I'm just starting to shut down my "I'm a heartbroken fool and I'm going to lie here on the floor where you knocked me down and just swim in my self pity because I will never love anyone ever again" party. But I think getting a little attention from a boy is helping me realize that having your heart broken isn't the end of the world!! Yeah! Things are looking up.
-Later in the day I found out I got the second highest grade in my GIS class. Fuck yeah. I worked my ass off in that class, and loved every second of it. Things are paying off.
-I went tennis shoe skating on a huge frozen puddle in the middle of an abandoned car lot. I almost died only once. Things are cold.
-I went on an outdoor adventure with my roommate Nicole, who told me she's moving out of our house because it's too crazy for her with all the unnecessary social-ness and she can't focus and she's never there anyways because of school and feels bad when she can't hang out ever. I totally understand her point though. I had though of the possibility of moving out a while ago, but then I learned how to be a bitch and tell people off and not get stepped on (thanks Melia!). But it was good because I got to hang out with her and catch up and eat pizza and drink a beer and then eat cupcakes at Mia's house. With rainbow chip frosting. Things are changing.
-Sunday I got the most bad ass (seriously, the MOST bad ass) tattoo ever, and it's healing wonderfully and I'm in love with it. And it was free, because I have the greatest friends that own a tattoo shop and they were bored on Sunday. The tattoo boys are fucking CHAMPS. Things are bad ass.

Ok, I think if I start by getting my laundry organized, I can get this room in order.
I'll be home next Monday. If you would like to be blessed with my presence between Monday and Sunday, call me or whatever and I'll see if I can squeeze you in to my OHSO busy schedule of learning how to knit and cutting construction paper Christmas cards and getting drunk with my sister(s) in Portland.


PS: Melia's a TWAT.
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