Dara! (verruckt_one) wrote,

bicycles are the best.

Riding bikes is probably the second greatest thing ever. I'm not sure what the first greatest thing ever is, I'll let you know later. Group Freewheelers (which consists solely of myself and Ariel, and our bikes Marietta and Regina) and a few trial members (Stoo and his friend) rode out to Lummi Island on Sunday. It was a grand total of about 27 miles, and it was about 35 degrees out, so by the time we got picked up we couldn't move. But I loved every second of it. When I used to have my car and I would get stressed/upset/mind clogged I would drive around with the music up and the windows down and forget about whatever was bothering me. Riding bikes has the same mind-clearing effect. Windows are always down, my mind goes blank and I just go . A peaceful happiness. Also, it's a great workout!

Besides finding complete contentment in riding my bike, I was with awesome people. Ariel: I'm pretty sure she's my long lost sister, together we make Dariel! We're riding bikes down to San Fran this summer, the epic adventures of Freewheelers! You can check us out at:
The Freewheelers Myspace
if you want to see how rad we are, there are a few pictures.
Stoo: the current Boy. We refer to him as the Boy. Why? I don't know exactly, that's just how it is. I absolutely adore him, it's kinda crazy. I think I'll save that story for a whole nuther post. Stoo's Friend: I don't remember his name, but he was a crazy awesome biker, and I respect him for that.
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