Dara! (verruckt_one) wrote,

Summer is the best.
I've accomplished much more this summer than I thought I would have.
I planted an herb garden, and I've only killed 2 plants! Who really needs cilantro and dill anyways?
I rode my bike from Bellingham to Long Beach. 272 miles. I almost cried on the first day, I thought I was going to die. Turns out, I didn't! Thankfully.
I worked at a soccer camp for a week! I know jack-squat about soccer, but it was fun enough.
I've survived living with a boy! It's actually quite wonderful. It's nice having a balance <3
I've survived living with a cat for the last few weeks (cat-sitting). It's not THAT bad, but I'm glad it's only for a few weeks. Cats are total cuddle-killers. And this one drools.
I worked just enough to survive without financial aid, a first living in Bellingham! But I'm way too excited for classes to start. Besides the fact that I feel my brain is slowly decomposing from the lack of education and I need more structure in my life or else boredom will consume me, when I get financial aid it will include a new computer! The one I have is on a fast track to hell. I'm surprised it's lasted thus far, even though I can't move it more than an inch or else it might come unplugged and die instantly, or the fact that it takes a good 10 minutes to start up, or the track pad gets stuck. At least iTunes still works!
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